Armand Vasquez

Armand is a computer engineer who earned his B.S. from UCI and went on to work on exciting, real-world projects such as designing self-driving, flying cars! Most importantly for his students, he loves translating his engineering experience into education.

Before joining the AR team, offered in-home and virtual tutoring and test prep for high school and college students for over five years before joining the AR team, and he specializes in AP Calculus AB, BC, and Statistics (5s on all STEM APs). With a perfect 800 on SAT Math and perfect 36s in the Math and Science sections, he is a test-taking guru who knows how to get his students to excel.

Armand knows how to get his students to think strategically to improve their scores. He prides himself on being able to quickly adapt to different learning styles and his goal is always to boost his students’ confidence as critical thinkers and problem- solvers. When he’s not teaching, Armand is an avid skier and surfer!

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