Arnie Benn

Chemistry (All Levels) Specialist

There’s a reason AR students love meeting with Arnie: he makes chemistry fun!

A teaching veteran, Arnie has tutored Orange County students in math and science for the last twenty years. Outside of AR, Arnie teaches AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science at Tarbut V’Torah in Irvine, where he has developed a reputation for making difficult scientific concepts easily digestible.

Arnie originally graduated with a BS in chemistry from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and has a Master’s degree in music (composition) from Cal State Fullerton.

When not teaching, Arnie is either playing the piano, composing, writing, or researching the fractal, self-similar nature of nature. In 2014, he presented interdisciplinary research at an American Meteorological Society Symposium on Tropical Cyclones, and in 2018 he was invited to present on the fractal scalability of plasma phenomena at an American Association of Physics Teachers symposium in Southern California.

He is currently working on his second book on the subject of evolutionary behavioral psychology. Arnie is patient, approachable, and caring. He is passionate about helping students understand underlying concepts and how to use them to solve problems, as well as how to work on overcoming test-taking anxiety.

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