Caitlin Leong

After five years specializing in test prep throughout L.A. and O.C., Caitlin is excited to bring her English and reading talent to AR!

Prior to joining the team, Caitlin worked as a premier verbal instructor with Testmasters and A+ In Home Tutor. Graduating from Chapman University with a degree in English Literature, she enjoys helping students master the often tricky mechanics of language and comprehension, translating their newfound abilities to the ACT and SAT. Outside of the exams, she has also taught honors English, theater, and creative writing in two local high schools, and she finds herself most excited at the intersection of art, entertainment, and communication. She is known for her patience and compassion, whether one-on-one or leading small groups, and students enjoy the way she helps them break down challenging passages and grammatical concepts.

When not at AR, Caitlin enjoys crossfit, video games, traveling to different countries, and theater!

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