Lily Nguyen

Lily graduated magna cum laude from St. John’s University, New York with a B.S in biology (in only three years!). Upon graduation, she was recruited by a slew of top-ranked test prep companies in California, bringing her to the West Coast. A natural educator, Lily’s tutoring experience stem back to her undergraduate days, when she instructed her peers in multiple levels of math, biology and chemistry courses. While in high school, she scored perfect 800s on her SAT and SAT II math, and near perfect on her ACT math, science, and SAT II Chemistry. Before joining the AR team full time, Lily worked as a top-level instructor at Test Prep Gurus and One Mind Learning.

Understanding the importance of both knowledge and strategy on the ACT/SAT, Lily ensures her students can quickly recognize and tackle each type of question, along with numerous tricks and time management tips that have been proven effective to boost scores. Lily takes her time to analyze her students’ test results and design lesson plans that target their areas of weakness and perfect their strengths. Her students share that they have complete confidence going into the test after prepping with her and that her teaching plays a pivotal role in helping them achieve their highest possible scores.

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