Omar Saad

Omar graduated cum laude from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in biology and economics, while also conducting laboratory research to investigate cancer pathogenesis. He scored in the 99th percentile on the MCAT exam, with a perfect score on the biology section. In the future, he plans on attending medical school and ultimately become a practicing physician. For now, he is harnessing his passion for math and science toward academic tutoring and test prep. Prior to joining AR, Omar worked for several test prep companies in Santa Barbara, where he built a reputation for completely transforming student’s STEM grades.

As an instructor, Omar takes the time to understand each student’s unique learning style and tailor his teaching to what will best suit a student’s specific needs. He is patient, calm, and engaging in each lesson, creating a comfortable and confidence boosting environment. His students genuinely enjoy coming to his sessions and attest to his knack for breaking concepts down in a way that makes them stick. In his free time, Omar enjoys surfing, snowboarding and kayaking.

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