Shaida Ulloa

Shaida is a graduate from California State University, Fullerton, where she received her B.A. and M.A. in English. 

She is not only a seasoned tutor, but she is also a community college English instructor. Before entering the teaching world, she worked as an embedded tutor at Golden West College, where she helped students in developmental English courses improve their writing and grammar skills. She also worked as a writing tutor at CSUF, helping students refine their writing skills in a one-on-one format and in writing workshops. During her last semester of graduate school, she was accepted into the Teaching Internship with Experienced Support program, where she learned how to manage a classroom and develop strategies for student success. After graduating, she was offered a position as a part-time English instructor at Fullerton College and Golden West College. Her specialty lies in developing easy to grasp strategies for grammar rules and college level writing and reading. She strives to give every student she teaches a set of skills they can use throughout their academic journey.

When she’s not teaching, she likes to read, cook, and hangout with her cat, Juno. 

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