Customizable 1x1 AR Academics Test Prep Program

Our 1x1 test prep is laser-focused on you. We’ll analyze your diagnostic results and then pair you with an English/Reading and a Math/Science specialist, whom you’ll meet with on a weekly basis. Your instructors will go over what you missed on practice tests and homework modules to tailor your sessions to the question types and strategies that will help you most. We’ll accommodate your schedule and continually track your progress with bi-weekly practice tests and personalized score reports. Instruction is available in person in our Newport Beach and San Juan Capistrano offices or via Zoom. Schedule a free consultation.

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On Demand Programs

We put targeted strategies for English, Math, Reading, and Science right at your fingertips with our package of four on-demand videos, one for each section. Each hour and twenty-minute class will give you an overview of the structure and question types in each section. We’ll also review must-know content and test-taking tips. Struggling with time management on the section? We cover pacing strategies too so you can beat the clock.

You can purchase classes individually or as a package of four that includes a complementary ACT practice exam with personalized score report.

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We coach students to mastery

Here's the big secret about the SAT and ACT: they are highly teachable. Just as a student learns how to play a musical instrument or excel in a sport, your son or daughter can learn to master any standardized exam. He or she just needs the right guidance.


Test prep that really works.

AR students consistently earn average score increases of +5 composite points on the ACT and +200 points on the SAT. In fact, 10% of AR students go on to score in the top 1 percent of test takers nationwide. These results far surpass the industry average of +1.5 composite points on the ACT (source: American College Testing) and +60 points on the SAT (source: College Board).


Our road map to success.

At AR Academics, we offer test preparation in SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP exams, ISEE, and more.

Each one of our programs begins with a complimentary consultation, when we analyze past test results (in-office testing available at no cost if you do not have prior scores), discuss our program, and determine a student's best path forward. Our test prep always centers on one-on-one instruction that can be supplemented with small group classes and proctored practice exams.

A typical test prep package includes the following:

  • ✔ 2 to 3 hours of one-on-one and/or small group instruction per week.
  • ✔ Premium course materials, including the most recently released real exams.
  • ✔ Personalized homework assignments based on strengths and weaknesses.
  • ✔ Detailed session summaries completed by instructor after one -on-one sessions.
  • ✔ Proctored exams with comprehensive diagnostic score reports to track progress.

The AR Method Gets Results

Question Recognition


Outsmart the test-makers. As standardized tests, the ACT and SAT are highly predictable. We teach our students to recognize patterns in answer choices and key phrasing in questions to know exactly what concept they're being tested on and which strategy to employ. They know what to expect.

Conceptual Mastery


Everything tested on the ACT/SAT is highly teachable. Our instructors are subject-matter experts who make sure that students know all of the material that could show up on test day. Through AR’s targeted instruction and curated curriculum, students are trained to master each exam’s limited series of concepts.

Pacing Strategy


Beat the clock with AR's proven test-taking techniques and shortcuts. Down to the second, our students are taught to properly pace each passage and section so that they finish on time, maximizing the number of questions they answer correctly with limited time. No question left behind.

Practice, Practice…and More Practice.


Success is not a cram session the night before the test. By structuring a consistent schedule of weekly homework assignments, practice exams, and customized sessions, AR gradually builds students' knowledge and skills so they retain material and are ready to perform at their best when they take the exam. AR students feel confident and fully prepared.

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