Jaimeson Musich

Jaimeson is our resident mathematics globetrotter!

Teaching at both the high school and collegiate level for the last decade, Jaimeson has taken his expert math and science instruction all over the world, from California to Chicago to Japan. In each new location, he has discovered the secret to skill retention and problem solving, radically transforming student’s test scores for the better. He comes to AR after four years as a master level test prep specialist for The Academic Advantage in Illinois. Graduating with a dual degree in economics and mathematics from Humboldt State University, he has consistently earned perfect scores in the math/science portions of the SAT and ACT, and he has earned a reputation nationwide for turning high-level concepts into manageable lessons. It’s no wonder that Jaimeson has also won multiple prizes as a Rubix Cube and Chess champion — he knows how to make learning fun!

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