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We work closely with a variety of high schools in our local community to both educate and prepare students for the college testing process. Below are a selection of programs we provide, as well as the school's we've attended.

Access the Best ACT Resources from Your Campus

ACT can be a nightmare without proper preparation. The last thing you want is to attempt an exam with halfhearted preparation. While the school doesn’t leave much time for anything else, you can always spend an hour or so each day to start training yourself for the ACT.

But how do you do that?

AR Academics is here to help you with everything related to ACT training and examination. With years of experience, we have been working in tandem with many high schools to provide the best ACT resources for students.

We have created three programs for students to enroll in and start training for the ACT and SAT.

  • Scoreback Nights: These sessions will teach you how to utilize your maximum potential and score maximum marks in the exam.
  • Jumpstart Workshops: Individual workshops for each exam section will be conducted to teach students the strategies and techniques for successfully completing the section.
  • Practice Exams: Recent SAT and ACT test questions are a part of the best ACT resources for students. Students will be attempting mock tests to practice for the main exam. We will evaluate the tests and provide detailed reports and suggest areas to improve.

AR Academics has been providing on-campus training and off-campus training to students. You can schedule an appointment to meet our instructors who will assess your strengths and weakness based on your previous academic performance. We will then create a personalized training program for you.

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Scoreback Nights

Learn more about the SAT & ACT and how to interpret your test scores so you can reach your highest score potential.

Practice Exams

Take real, recently released SATs and ACTs under timed, proctored, and simulated testing conditions. This is a great dress rehearsal for exam day, and we provide all test takers with comprehensive score reports so they can better understand their results.

Jumpstart Workshops

Students attend instructional workshops for each exam section to boost their confidence and scores as we introduce them to test taking techniques and strategies.

On-Campus Test Prep Services

Speaking Engagements

Don't see your school? Contact us to learn about how you can bring us to your campus.