It's not magic. It's just AR.

When students sit down for their first practice ACT or SAT exam, they can often feel lost. The questions are worded in a way they can’t understand. Time seems to fly right by. Sometimes, it’s difficult just to find the question itself.

Their first score comes back, and they feel discouraged. Who wouldn’t? Here’s the thing, though: they’re smarter than they think. They just need the right guidance.

At AR, guided by a four-point method, we train our students to think critically, master pattern recognition, and retain key concepts that lead to total mastery of any exam. After working strategically with our expert instructors, test day doesn’t become something to dread. It becomes something to celebrate.

Here’s how we do it.

Understanding SAT Score Conversion Chart with AR Academics

Attempting the ACT or SAT exams is hard enough. Trying to decipher how the raw scores are converted to round figures between 200 and 800 is still a mystery for many students.

Between trying to learn and remember all the important concepts and making sense of the scoring method, students end up frustrated and disappointed.

AR Academics is here to solve both problems. Understanding the scoring process will give an edge and help you get those extra marks. The SAT score conversion chart is tricky and complicated. They are calculated individually for each section of the test and are totaled at the end to get the final score.

Though colleges do not give much consideration to subject-specific subscores, knowing how to score maximum in subjects that are your strength will ultimately increase your overall score. We will also analyze how you fair in subjects that can give you a better score and provide training accordingly.

Apart from the SAT score conversion chart, AR Academics follows a detailed 4-point method to train students for the ACT and SAT exams.

Recognizing the questions without getting confused is the first step.
Identifying the core concepts in each subject and mastering them is the second step.
Planning and dividing your time between the different sections so that you won’t feel rushed by the end is the third step.
Practicing as many mock tests as possible and analyzing them is the final step.

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Question Recognition

Outsmart the test-makers. As a standardized exam, the SAT and ACT are highly predictable. We teach our students to recognize patterns in answer choices and key phrasing in questions to know exactly what concept they’re being tested on, and, accordingly, which strategy to employ.

Conceptual Mastery

Our instructors know the material, and so will they. Everything tested on the ACT and SAT is highly teachable. AR students are trained to master each exam’s limited series of concepts through our expert instruction and curated curriculum.

Pacing Strategy

Time can be on their side. Down to the second, our students are taught how to properly pace each question , passage, and section to ensure they always finish the exam accordingly. No question left behind.

Practice, Practice…and More Practice.

Success doesn’t come from the night before. By structuring a consistent schedule of weekly homework assignments, practice exams, and customized sessions, our students earn complete mastery of the exam by test day. No cramming. Just retention.